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What is Branding by Subscription?

Unlock the power of professional brand photography with a unique subscription service tailored for ambitious founders and business owners like you. With The Brand Visibility Club, you gain more than just images; you gain an integral part of your marketing and brand positioning strategy that keeps your business visually fresh and engaging all year round.


What will you get?

Consistent Brand Visibility

Enjoy four quarterly photo sessions each year, providing you with a steady stream of professional photos – enough for a new, high-quality image every week.

Dynamic Networking Opportunities

Connect with like-minded business owners during our group sessions. These informal meet-ups foster collaboration, support, and growth, making each photo session a networking event.

Expert Guidance and
Community Support

Participate in our quarterly planning sessions to strategically refresh and elevate your brand. Plus, gain exclusive access to our Brand Visibility Club on Facebook for ongoing support, creative inspiration, and industry insights.

A Complete
Marketing Boost

Use your unique photos across all digital platforms, from social media to LinkedIn, enhancing engagement and establishing a strong online presence.

Quarterly Photography Day

Experience a day filled with creativity and connection. Join Rosalie and four other business owners at a location near you for a day of:

Individual and group photo sessions

Co-working and networking

Interactive learning with a takeaway toolkit

Refreshments and fun!

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Who Should Join?

The Brand Visibility Club is perfect for small or micro business owners who are proactive about their brand’s visibility and growth. If you value high-quality marketing and wish to stand out in the digital crowd, Rosalie’s Brand Visibility Club is for you.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Learn how other business owners have transformed their brand image and visibility with Rosalie’s expert photography and strategic insights.

Ben is an experienced and well-established practitioner who offers a range of therapy treatments along with Shadow work and Qigong. He explained that it was the Qigong which needed the widest variety of images, in different locations and in different settings.

He also needed headshot and profile images. Location was key – the images needed to be expressive, powerful, and strong. I researched several possibilities before finding the perfect location, a location where both the space and the energy created would produce a balance within each image.

Of equal importance, the placement of hands and feet needed to be exact to demonstrate his expertise, showing potential clients his understanding and command of this genre.

“I have been really amazed by the not only the results, but the process of a photoshoot with Rosalie. She was excellent at really drawing out what I needed the pictures for, what message I was trying to convey and how I wanted to appear. Her diligence in scouting locations and making sure they fitted with the vision I had was a clear sign of her dedication to the process and for getting the best match she could for what I wanted. I would highly recommend her for her thorough and professional approach and beautiful results. A real pleasure to work with thank you.”

Ben Calder

Integral Health Practitioner & Centre Founder

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Ben Pose 1

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Brand Photography?
Visual content significantly boosts engagement and trust. It’s not just about looking professional; it’s about being professional.
What is Personal Brand Photography?
It’s a tailored approach to help business owners convey their personal and professional stories visually.
Worried About Being Camera Shy?
Rosalie’s expert approach makes everyone feel at ease, ensuring your true personality shines through in every shot.
Customisation Questions?

From choosing the perfect location to advising on what to wear, every detail is handled with your brand in mind.

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Here’s a reminder of what you will get:

  • Professional brand photography for every week of the year
  • A new network of like-minded, ambitious, and friendly business owners
  • Access to a community to gain insights, share best practice, ask for help and referrals, and grow your business
  • An opportunity to get regular photography in an environment that feels supportive, creative and purposeful
  • A profitable and meaningful boost to your marketing and brand positioning
  • Valuable content for your social media and LinkedIn
  • Education, support and growth

Invest in yourself and your business with The Brand Visibility Club.

Beyond mere photographs, this service is a strategic asset that grows with you and your business, ensuring you’re always one step ahead.

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